“Getting executive leadership to buy into the circular economy”

According to Accenture, the circular economy represents a $4.5 trillion opportunity. Despite the recognition of all of this value that remains to be captured, businesses still struggle to move away from yesterday’s linear model to tomorrow’s circular economy. This is typically a consequence of companies failing to recognize how a circular mindset can create value for their stakeholders and then demonstrating the business case for it.

On this webinar organized by CSR Manager Network and WBCSD, the WBCSD’s Circular Economy team will present theirCEO Guide to the Circular Economy and the 8 Business Cases for the Circular Economy. Following this presentation, attendees will have tools and frameworks that:

  • sharpen their understanding of the circular economy,
  • improve their ability to communicate effectively to executives, and
  • identify the best business cases for gaining internal buy-in.

Speakers: Andrea Brown, Director of Circular Economy at WBCSD, and Brendan Edgerton, Manager of Circular Economy at WBCSD

Participation is free, but please register by sending an email to segreteria@csrmanagernetwork.it